Kings Cup

You Need: A deck of cards and lots of alcohol
The more people the more fun!
Set-Up: Place an Empty cup in the center of the group of people (or between you and the other person if you are a loser and have only one friend). Scatter the deck of cards around the cup. Only one deck of cards is needed, game could be interesting with more than one deck however.
How to play this drinking game:
Each player picks a card and fallows the rule of the card, the rules of the cards is much similar to other drinking games, but the King’s role is much Diffrent.
Ace – Social, everyone drinks.
2 – Is for You, you pick someone to drink.
3 – Is for Me, you drink.
4 – Is for Whores, girls drink.
5 – Rule, make a rule everyone must follow until the next 5 is picked (ex: No Bad Words) If rule is broken, that person must drink.
6 – Is for dicks, guys drink.
7 – Multiples of 11, The person who picks this card begins to count..”1″.. the next person continues.. “2”.. and the next..”3″.. and so on.. as soon as you reach 7 (whoever it lands on) you say “F*CK YOU” insted, then the direction reverses (so the person who just said 6, now must say 8 and whoever said 5 says 9, direction reverses) and continues untill 11 is the number to be said and insted is replaced with “F*CK YOU” and the direction changes. Whoever F*cks up.. DRINKS!
8 – Don’t be late, a.k.a thumbs on table or points to the sky.. Whoever is late and does it last must drink.
9 – Bust a Rhyme, first person says a short sentence with a word, the next person must say a diffrent sentice ending with a word that rhymes.
10- Waterfalls or Noes-goes, the person who picks this card has a choice of Playing Waterfalls (where that person begins to drink, the next person starts after s/he, and the next after the follower, and so on, the trick is you cant stop drinking till the person before you stops and s/he cant stop till the person before him/her stops) or Noes-goes (where the card chooser can place their finger on their nose and whoever does it last drinks, this power is good untill the next 10 is drawn).
Jack – Go Back, the person before you drinks.
Queen – Questions (my personal least favorite), Chooser turns to the next person and asks a question (ex: Have you ever licked a donkey’s butt hole?) then that person must turn to the next person and ask a relevant question (ex: Wouldn’t a Donkeys butt hole taste like candy?) the person who fumbles drinks.
King!! – This is the kicker.. Whenever a king is drawn, that person must poor however much they whish into the empty cup on the table.. The last person who draws a king MUST DOWN THE KINGS CUP! You could see what chaos would occure with more than one deck, seven diffrent types of booz!
Enjoy this great drinking game!

Circle Of Death (NC Version)

OK u need a lot of beer, a deck of cards, and some peeps(males and females prefered). Ok you get in a circle and fan the cards out face down on the table in a cirle type patern. Each person draws a card in turn and this is the meaning….
2- You- You pick someone else to drink
3- Me- You drink
4- Whores- all the chicks drink
5- Thumbs- everyone puts thumbs on the table and last one drinks
6- Dicks- all guys drink 7- Heaven- everyone points up last one drinks
8- Pick a Mate- you and someone u pick drinks
9- Bust-a-Rhyme- you say a word and the next person has to say something that rhymes until someone cant think of something to say and they drink(ex: cow…pow…now…cant think drink) 10- Waterfalls: person who drew starts to drink and the next person drinks and it goes all the way around and u cant stop drinking till the person before u basically u drink until the person before u stops(will f*ck u up if u with so heavy drinkers
J- One back- person before you drinks
Q- Questions- u can only talk in questions and first perosn not to use a question drinks
K- Never have I….say never have I dont something and if someone has they drink(good way to figure out secrets about ur friends)
A- Make a Rule- You make a rule and if someone breaks it they drink(best one dont say the word drink) Have Fun

Fuck You!

This game doesn’t have a requirement for people. You can play with 2 people or 12 people it doesnt’ matter. You need one or more decks of cards then you put all the cards in the middle like go fish. Then you pick a person to go first and they pick up a card. Then they do what that card means(they are as follows:) A- FUCK YOU ( means that when you get the ace you say fuck you and the last person to say fuck you has to drink) K-rule card ( you make up a rule ex: the 3 D’s(drink drank and drunk) if anyone says any of these words then they have to drink) Q-Female’s drink( only the women take a drink) J-Male’s drink (only the men take a drink) 10- bathroom card ( you keep this card until you have to go to the bathroom, it can only be used once then it is to be put back into the pile. You can only go to the bathroom if you have this card.) 9- thumb card ( When a person picks up this card they put their thumb down it can be on their forhead or the ground but the last person to see this person do it has to take a drink or shot.) 8-you give out eight shots 7-you give out seven shots 6- you give out six shots 5- story time ( the person that picks up this card says a word then the next person repets this work and add’s only one more word and you go around your circle doing so until someone fucks up. The person to fuck up has to take a drink. Ex: Player one “Once” Player 2 ” Once a” Player 3″ once a pon” player 4 ” once a pon a” player 5″Once a pon a time”) 4-you take four drinks or shots 3-you take three drinks or shots 2-You take two drinks or shots

Waterfalls or Four Kings (asia’ version)

Waterfalls (Four Kings) The more people there are, the funner it is. You start out [everyone has their own beer]with a beer (or shot, or whatever) in the middle. you place a deck of cards, minus the jokers, around the middle drink. This is how that categories go: Ace-Waterfall; the person who drew it starts drinking and everyone follows. once the first drinker is done, it goes down the line. the next person can choose how long they want to drink for, and the person after that can’t stop drinking until the person ahead is done etc. etc. Two-Two is for you…you must pick a person to take two drinks Three-Three is for me…you must take three drinks Four-Four is for whores…all ladies drink Five-The person who drew the five splits the drinks any way s/he wants. Ex. one person takes a drink, another takes four… Six-Six is for dicks…all men drink Seven-The person to the left of the drawer has to drink Eight-The person to the right of the drawer has to drink Nine-Nine, nine bust a rhyme…The dealer starts out saying not just one word, but a whole sentence. Ex. first person-The man was putting on his shoe…next person-when he fell over next to you…next-he also fell into some glue…etc. The rhymes keep going until a person messes up; that person takes a drink. Ten-Categories. The person who drew a Ten says (for example)”energy drinks” and then names one (Sobe-Adreneline). The next person says another until the chain is broken. The breaker gets to drink. Jack-The person who draws a Jack gets to make a rule. The most fun include: Thumbrule (where the drawer can place his/her thumb on the edge of the table (or whatever) and the last person to notice, and have theirs on the table too, has to drink. Another rule is no swearing; where each time if someone swears and is caught, they have to take a drink. Even though a Jack may be drawn again, all rules remain; four rules can be going at once, but no one can do the same rule twice. Queen-Queen is for a bathroom break. it can be played or saved. King-This is where it gets interesting. Each king is placed off to the side, and when the forth king is drawn, the person who drew it has to drink the beverage in the middle. The game can be over, or shuffle the kings back in.


First you need a deck of cards, beer, and at least 2 players(better with a lot of people)..Then you put a beer in the middle of the table and the dealer asks “black or red”. If you choose the right color, you take the number on the card and divide it up between the people playing, and they drink the number you give them.(you can also give all the drinks to one person). Then you must put the card on top of the beer in the middle with at least two corners off the edge. But if you choose the wrong color, you have to drink the number on the card. Then you have to put the card on the beer in the middle with at least two corners off the edge. If someone knocks over the cards on top of the beer can, they have to shotgun the beer. Then you start all over again with a fresh beer and keep on goin!(Garunteed to get you totally fucked up!)

Get Fucked up

Get a deak of cards. Spread the cards facedown in the middle of the table. Then whoever wants to start the game draws a card and does whatever the card means. Just keep going around the table until you’re out of cards or alcohol. HAVE FUN! Card Meanings: 2 is for you. The drawer of the card has to take a drink. 3 is beer bitch. The person holding this card has to get everyones beer whenever they need it until the next 3 is drawn. 4 is for whores. All the females have to drink. 5 is slap the table or thumbmaster. The holder of this card can slap the table at any time. The last person to slap the table has to drink. For thumbmaster the card holder places their thumb on the edge of the table and the last person to place their thumb on the table must drink. The card holder can slap the table/thumbmaster as much or little as they like until someone else draws a 5 and then they can no longer do it. 6 is for dicks. All the males have to drink. 7 is to your left. Whoever is sitting to the cardholder’s left must drink. 8 is hate and great. The card holder has to choose someone they hate and someone that think is great and those two people have to drink. 9 is to your right. Whoever is sitting to the cardholder’s right must drink. 10 is a social. Everyone has to drink. Don’t forget to toast! Jack is waterfall. Everyone starts drinking at the same time and must keep drinking until the person to their right has stopped drinking. The cardholder is the first to stop drinking and it continues until everyone has stopped. Queen is questions. The cardholder starts off by asking someone else a question. That person must ask another person a question in response to the previous question. The game ends when someone doesn’t answer the question with another question. A question cannot be repeated or taken too long to ask or that person must drink. Kings are catagories. Choose a catagory(i.e. Types of Beer). Then take turns, starting with the cardholder, and name things from the catagory (i.e. Budweiser, Corona, Miller Light). If a person takes too long in answering or can’t come up with something then they have to drink. Ace is a rule. The holder of this card can make up any rule they want (i.e. No one can use any word that starts with an s or they drink). However, the cardholder is immune to his/her rule. The Cardholder also has to catch the person(s) breaking the rule in order for the rule breaker to have to drink. Each rule is kept throughout the whole game….so pay attention.

New Asshole

Okay, it’s basicly the same as asshole but instead of lookin at you cards you just deal out and dealer goes first but 2 and 3 are wild cards. 4 is chicks have to drink. 5 is a social. 6 is guys have to drink. 7 is a catagory (like types of cars trees sex etc, the person who dont no has to drink). 8 is a social. 9 is a waterfall (waterfall is whoever throws the waterfall card drinks and however he or she drinks everyone else must drink that much so if you bong a beer everyone else has 2 also). 10 is a question (question works by asking question and the person you ask has to ask anohter question the first person who dont answer with a question of somesort drinks).jack is a rule card so who throws jack gets to make rule . queen is a question .king is rule. ace is another waterfall. play acoupla hands of this with plety of beer and drinks and have fun switch up the cards as far as wat there labled but its fun


Easiest but most consistently fun drinking game Ive ever played. — Sit in a circle and spread a deck of cards or 2 decks into a circle One person starts by picking a card from the pile and placing it face up in the middle of the circle. The next person clockwise picks a card from the circle and lays it on top, and this continues until the cards match. If the suits OR the numbers match, everyone slams their hand down on top of the matching cards, and the last person to get their hand in drinks. (Do this with shots, and not beers, or it will be a weak ass game.) When you are the last one to get a hand on the pile, you take a shot, and collect the pile. Then you start the next round by drawing from your pile of cards instead of the circle, and continue to play from your hand until it runs out, then draw from the circle. When you are low on cards just redo the circle.

BeerShot Asshole

Normal asshole rules apply. There are many possible BeerShot Variations that can be added to make this game more interesting. Here are a few suggestions, feel free to come up with your own using BeerShot’s RANDOM INTERVAL, TIMED INTERVAL, and DEAL CARDS. Suggested BeerShot Variations: When a 5 is dealt (or whatever card you choose), the asshole ‘spins’ the roulette wheel on BEER CHALLENGE game and all must do what BeerShot says. Set RANDOM INTERVAL to 10 minutes. If the BeerShot Drink ‘Alert’ is a burp, the first player that can burp gets to give out 2 shots. The same goes for the farting sound effects, but not for vomiting please. Set TIMED INTERVAL to 10 minutes. At the BeerShot Drink ‘Alert’, the asshole must take 4 shots. This makes being the asshole for long periods of time more challenging. Set RANDOM INTERVAL to your choice of minutes. At the BeerShot Drink ‘Alert’, use DEAL CARDS to display a card. Any player that can produce this card from the hand they currently hold can create a new rule for the duration of the game.

Fuck You 2

First you start out by making a pyramid of cards. there are four on the first row then 3 placed above the first row then two then one. the dealer then passed out the rest of the cards to whoever is playing. The dealer then flips over the first card in the row of four. then the dealer says social fuck going once social fuck going twice. Anybody with the same number card can throw thier card down and say “fuck you” pointing at somebody in the game. the the dealer starts over saying fuck the persons name going once and so on. if someone else has the same number then they can throw it down and fuck the same person or someone else. if the dealer say fuck whoever for a third time the that person has to drink. if nobody throws a card down then it is called a social fuck and everybody drinks the alloted time. the drinking times go like this the first row (the four cards) is 2 times the amount of cards put down. so up to 8 seconds. the second row is 4 times the amount of cards. the most would be 16. the third row is 6 times the number of cards. (24 seconds if all four cards are put down) the last row and final card is 8 times the amount of cards played. 32 second is a full beer. this game is fun as hell and will get you fucked