Shot Pong

I saw this game played at a Fourth of July party. You play this on a Ping-pong table and unlike beer pong, you use 2 shot glasses in the bottom middle corner of the table on each side. The net needs to be raised substantially high from the table say about 3-4 feet. The ping-pong balls need to be bounced once on your side and over the net. The object is to land it in the other person’s shot glasses. Once the ball has made it, refill the shot. The game ends once one teams makes a certain score. Ex: 15 This game takes skill, but once perfected it is fun. Prepare to get pretty drunk.
(Thanks Ryan!)


Description: Listen to any Manowar song (really any song works), whenever they say blood, fight, steel, or metal take a drink. Bet you can’t make it through 3 songs…
(Thanks Zach!)

Kat Williams (Pimp Chronicles)

All you need is the DVD of Kat Williams. 
Every time he says the word nigga, you have to drink. If your playing with a mixed drink then its every other time he says nigga. 
Its okay to pause it to catch up. 
If you dont black out by the time its over then its something to brag about.
(Thanks “Tha Drunk”!)


This is a fun game we invented while camping and couldn’t think of anything to play. 
2 or more players, standard 52 card deck 
4 viewable cards are dealt to each player, with the remaining deck dealt facedown in the middle of the table.  
The player selected to go first may either discard and draw 1 new card, or challenge. If they discard, the next player (to the left) has the same 2 options. If the player chooses to challenge, they call out who they’d like to challenge and that player may do 1 of two things. They may either accept the challenge and add up their four cards according to the scoring, with the winner having the highest score. They may also choose to “snatch” as we called it, and this is done by discarding the two lowest scoring cards, drawing a card from the draw pile, and a random card from the challenger’s hand. The challenger then must draw a new card and the hands are scored. 
2-10 are worth their numerical value (i.e. 4 is 4 points) 
jacks, queens, kings are worth 15 points 
aces are worth 20 points. 
Additional information: 
We thought this game was captivating because a good hand could be sabotaged if the person challenged “snatched” your ace or face card. Because we were camping, we also decided that whenever a challenge was lost, the defeated player should take a drink from their ale, although we later played without alcohol and it was still very fun. 
(Challenge was invented by Brandon and Melissa.)

5 man!

I learnt this one while an english rugby team were at my house on a tour. Piss easy 
Need a few people for this one. 
Everyone claps slowly in time to start with and the first person counts down starting from 5 in time with the clapping 
5 man 
4 man  
3 man 
2 man went to the bottlestore HEY! 
The next person gooes up a number and counts down from there 
6 man 
5 man 
4 man 
3 man  
2 man went to the bottlestore HEY 
When someone screws up they have to drink for the entirity that it takes for everyone else to sing 
We love him, we hate him, we LOVE to masturbate him, so here’s to (insert persons full name here) whos drinking tonight! So drink motherfucker, drink mother fucker, drink motherfuck DRINK! Give him the chop. And that person is no longer in the game. 
See how high you can get..
(Thanks Emmy!)

Quick Fuck

Bloody easy 
Everyone gets in a circle, as many people as you like. 
Each person names themself a fuck name eg Quick fuck, easy fuck, hard fuck, rough fuck etc. 
Everyone throws their arms out infront of them into the middle of the circle, wiggling their fingers and yelling 
Pointing their hands back at themselves 
FUCK!! as you slap your thighs. Then from this point you slap your legs and clap in time.. 
Anyone can start and in time with the clap slap clap slap it goes as follows 
Your fuck, your fuck, how about a someone elses fuck.. 
Soo, Quick fuck quick fuck how about a hard fuck 
Then straight after that in time, hard fuck perosn would go ‘hard fuck hard fuck how about a rough fuck.. 
If you say a fuck that isnt there, get out of time or miss out completely you skull!
(Thanks Emmy!)

King of Beers (Midwest Version)

Any number of players (minimum 3) gather in a circle in a grassy area. In the direct center of the circle is a Budweiser can. Surrounding the Budweiser can are any number of various non-Budweiser cans. 
The members of the circle pass around a bowling ball each taking turns lobbing the bowling ball in a very high arc with the intent of it landing square on the Budweiser can, smashing it and thus becoming King of Beers and winning the game. However, this is very difficult to do and takes much practice.  
Invariably other cans are hit, and each of these cans has some sort of drinking value placed on it (depending on the perceived quality in comparison to the King of Beers – Budweiser). Drinking can also be differentiated on the quality of a hit.  
This game originated at Drury University in Springfield, MO and proved to be quite a vexing mystery for members of the grounds crew who found craters accompanied by smashed cans and bowling balls on Sunday mornings.
(Thanks J.)


Game Start 
Shuffle the deck 
Spread all cards across table face down 
Pick a player to start 
Rotate Clockwise 
Look at person of your choice and ask a question 
That person must answer question with a question 
Keep going till someone Fuck’s Up and drinks 
2’s-Thumb’s Down  
Place both thumb’s down on table 
Last player drinks 
3’s-Give three 
4’s-Social (Everyone take a drink 
5’s-Bonsai-Last player to say BONSAI drinks 
6’s-Arm’s Up 
7’s-Take Seven 
8’s-Make a Rule 
9’s-To the Right 
10’s-To the Left 
Jack’s-Tell a Story 
Player who draws card starts with One word 
Player to left repeats that word and adds a word 
Keep going to left till someone Fuck’s it Up 
Queen’s-Bitches Drink 
King’s-Dicks Drink 
(Thanks Kevin!)

Smart Fella’s

Two or more players 
First person starts with saying “one smart fella HE felt smart.” this is only said at the start of the round. 
next person says ” two smart fellas THEY felt smart.” this is said on any number that DOES NOT have a 3 in it or a multiple of 3 (ie: 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 14 etc) 
next person must say “3 smart fellas THEY ALL felt smart” this is said on any number that DOES have a 3 in it or a multiple of 3 (ie: 3, 6, 9, 12, and 13 also, 15 etc) 
If anyone incorrectly says the phrase (ie: TWO smart fellas they ALL felt smart.) They must drink a predetermined amount of a chosen alcohol. Also if there is any hesitation they must drink. Straight after drinking the drinker/loser must start from ONE again 
This game gets better and funnier as people get more drunk because the phrase becomes a tongue twister. For example: One FART SMELLER he SMELT FART!!! Also if by some slim chance you make it to the 30’s it becomes more interesting!
(Thanks Tim!)

Dream Theater Beerfest

Okay, this one is for the Dream Theater fans. 
What you need is the ‘Score’ DVD by Dream Theater. 
Lots of beer on stand by, or whatever you drink really. 
Press play and watch on. 
Whenever the drummer (Mike) does something fancy, like; spins his drum stick in his fingers, stands up, does a drum roll, sings, chucks his drum sticks and anything out of the ordinary. You must have a good long drink. 
Also, to make it interesting, when the singer (James) hits a high pitch note, and sticks his tongue out (which he never really used to do back in the day) you must chug your whole drink. 
And, when you see the bass players face (John), you must drink (you don’t see it much, so its worth a drink). 
We’ve played this a few times…and got really fucked up. By the end, you’re tanked on booze and your head is full of great tunes. 
Enjoy this one!!!
(Thanks Adam!)